31 March 2009







30 March 2009

~Suka Me??~

I never met him in person...
but yesterday, i went to Putrajaya, to help him working on his group assignment.
He ask me to become his photoshoot modell for his music video... and i say YES.
I have no idea why i say YES to him. I also bring my other friend too because he need one more girl for his project.

At first, i tot his music video theme is "Nasyid", coz i ask him, where is the location? and he reply "our photoshoot will be infront of 'Masjid Putra' "... On that time i was like, whoaa! what?? i dont even wear scarf sia....dont say that u want us act like a fake muslimah??
but luckily, "No.. it's not." hehe
it's kinda about a story of 'love couple' music video.

Aira : Music Video lagu apa yang u all nak buat?
Him* : Lagu Hindi
Aira : Hindi??!
Him* : Eh tak...bukan.. "indie"..
Aira : Owhh.. Ingat Hindi.. (ntah kenapa aku terbayang Preity Zinta.. haha)

And of course i became the heroin...
i was in the scenes where i meet my friends and know him in Alamanda, sitting in a Mercedes old car with him, and driving along the Putrajaya area.. and date in 'Taman Botani' This is my first time i go there! hahaha

The funniest scene is when i have to act like we are dating.. haha

Friend* : Aira, u ngan **** naik atas sana, dan korang berdua turun bawah dengan mesranya, buat la apa-apa pun.. asalkan nampak korang bahagia... and then stop kat sini, **** konon pergi kat kawan-kawan sana tinggalkan Aira. Ok?
Aira : Durrhh.. Selalu jer time kena tinggal tu semua bg kat i.
(punya elok story line dari mula, bleh plak last skali aku kena tinggal??)

when i was at up there with him..and we go down..
but they said "tak bahagia punn"

Friend* : Aira, bleh tak u bagi **** pegang tangan u.??
Aira : huh?? ( OMG, dia tolong tnya untuk kawan dia seyh)
Friend* : Dun worry untuk kali ini jer...hehe
Aira : aaa.... k. (why i'm doing this??)

We start holding hand.. and wait for the signal... but...
f* up! they was like disscusing for a long time at down there... and i'm at up here, were holding this guy hand like we are really dating together!
then i heard they shout

Friends* : Lama tu diorang pegang tangan!! hahahaha

Aira : -owh Sial!-

After that... we all going to Alamanda and have our lumch! Thanks god they paid for us!
Then, they ask to watch movie with them but i'm not joining them. Cuz i'm f*cking tired from the night before yesterday and have to wake up early in the moring. so i dun have enough sleep and feel like i'm going to faint on that time.! so i said "NO, Thank you.."

At night, i went down to have my dinner and shisha with my friends at the pool side, wifi and on9 my myspace and i've got his comment saying "Thank you" and we start to commenting each other. then he ask for my YM.. and yea.. we chat!
then, suddenly, my battery totally zero! and i cant even log out and say BYE to him..
So, i just text him about it. and he replied "okay, if u offline, i pun offline la.."
when i read this,i wonder why he need to go offline because of me?
Okay..here's the test...
"owh, if i'm online, u pun online lar??haha nanti i try online balik eh.."
he answer
" U online, i online la balik.. just text me."

hahaha.. durh.. it's kinda funny to me but at the same time i feel like sweet!

wateva it is i dun think i like him more than friend..
i dont know him at all, we are just a schoolmate but different course.
and the reality is guys always like that!
No such thing that u can love somebody so fast like what we think !
i dont want to be like the girl in their music video.. been left at the end!

Dont say that he love me, but what i can say is he do likes me.. that's all..
and i really can see that.

29 March 2009

Earth Hour

Owh yes.. aku join!
bersama-sama dgn kawan-kawan di Puchong.. and siyesli..
ader jugak k*mak-k*mak yang tak paham... just for an hour pun tak bleh..
and i dun think our country dont really care about it...

Buat iklan bnyak2 pun cm tak guna jerr...
media kita pun tak ikut... still on jer..
padahal diorang jugak yg advertise semua nih...

cuba tengok negara lain..
wow.. bagunan yg diorang bangga selama ni pun lampu dipadamkan..
kita nih? iyee... so lame.. sorry.. i dont mean really "kita".. cuz i'm 100% joined !
i mean others... hehehe


27 March 2009

~If you seek "ME"~

I'm enjoying all the song's.. but a lil' boring cuz to much slow song!
Fin my fashion adviser..
he handle everything what i have to wear, and how i'm gonna be looks like!

Scenes 1

Aira : I dont want "slut" looks !
Fin : How?? everything is "slut"! this is "slut"! this is "slut"! and this also "slut"!
Aira : Argghh whatever.. just pick one!

Scenes 2

Lila : Hello, dah pergi ker??
Aira: Belum laa.. semua baru tgh nak ready..
Lila : Owh ok.. aku tak tahu lg la nak pergi ker tak.
Aira: Alorr dtg arr... first time nih ko nak kena battle ngan aku..hahaha
Lila: Hahaha.. tgk laa aku mungkin pergi.. aku tak pergi..aku pergi.. aku pergi.. pergi kerr.. tak...aku malas dowh...
Lila: Woi..Woi!
Aira: See u there..byeeee (off)

Scenes 3

Aira: huu..Fin makan nasi..
Ira : It's remind me to my mum! ayam masak merah...
Aira: Ayam masak merah?? tu bukan ayam masak merah.. tu ayam masak kicap la..
Ira : Ayam masak merahhh...
Keshen : Ayam masak kicap laa...
Ira : Its red..
Fin : no.. it's purple in colour..
Ira : Okay let me taste!
Fin : taste a bit onlyy... nah..
Ira : Yaaaa!! Ayam masak kicap!

Scenes 4

When fin's bill arrived,

Fin : What RM7.00 ?? so expensive!!
Fin : heh come back here.. i dont want the chicken! take back the chicken!
Fin : I dont have money.. i only have RM2 !
Fin : Anybody have pen??? i want to change it!

23 March 2009


Hari ni..
mood mmg of course agak tak baik 50 - 50...
ntahla apa yg difikirkan sgt dlm kepala ni...
perasaan pun bercampur baur...

hmm... aku tak jahat dan tak kejam..
cuma kadang2 tu mmg terasa macam tu...

Aku rasa apa yang aku dah buat.. dah betul.
tapi pada masa yg sama aku rasa tak patut langsung...

Gosh, i really really love this guy. But i dont think he felt as what i felt.
I thought i was waiting for him. But he act like he want me to stop.
I can accept him the way he is.. and i want him to notice that.
I try to get near and close to him. but i'm not so that important at this moment.
I dont care how bad he is.. or what others perception on him..
this is just because i really love him too much.

I dont mean to cancel the "complicated" relationship between us.
It just hurt me when i heard the main word "NO" and the status was hide by him.
It's like annoying him i guess. so i changed it, thinking that he might be relieve after that,
and shout "Finally.. she undertand!"
I really care about this matter and i felt like i was being such a 'gedik' so 'perasan' sometimes.
when the actual situation is he really hates me.
I'm so.... slow to notice about that. I'm so sorry.
Maybe i was so blind that i will never lose him again this time.

I dont want to force him to love me.
Just makes it naturally comes from his heart.

I might not good, kind and pretty enough as his other girl friend's. I'm not that lucky.
and he deserve a better one than me.
I admit i feel so jelouse on him sometimes with his fun lifestyle.
I also even felt like he will be in my future.. ( see how 'perasan' i am )
but not to him.
I still keep his sweet nice msg's that he sent me long time ago in my phone.
Never care whether its just a lie or its really true.. i still keep it safe with me.

I cant read him. and i wish i could.
I wish i could turn back time,
I wont go to Sunway Pyramid on that day.
I wont use Maxis.
I wont having dinner at 'Opah' with my friend's.

or it's much better when I can be on the day, when it was the first time I met him.

If you read this, as if you still visit my blog.
this is what only i can write. I hope there is no words i wrote up there makes u feel unsatisfied.
It just come from the bottom of my heart.
I try to talk and ask u straight before, but i'm not that brave enough.
I'm not strong enough to know the truth. which is I SHOULD KNOW.
And now, u dont want to talk to N, H, A and I anymore. If i do, yeah i'm so dead !
-I guess i've done something wrong to him, just i'm not sure, what is it?-
So, I can only choose this way to let him know.. and i'm not hoping for anything.

N . H . A . I.

22 March 2009

Explaination of 21st March entry.

This is the thing..
Ada orang dah misunderstood about that entry..
Maybe.. coz, one of my friend told me about it.

I wrote about "she" not "he"...
I never write something bad about "he" in any of my entries..
But i only have about "she"...

The thing is, i will never write something bad about my readers or anyone who knows about this blog.
I dont named the person.. but the real thing is.. she's A GIRL!
Someone i really hate since i know her.

I understand why.. if "he" got misunderstanding about it...
it only happened at the same time i guess..
i understand how much he want me to understand what he really want me to do in every hint's he showed to me. and i'm really felt like i'm just annoying him these days.

Wateva it is, The entry were nothing to do with him.
I'm sorry.


Tag dari AkuBah

Apakah perkara tak best berlaku baru-baru ini dlm hidup anda??
Duit aku hilang.. how??

Sekiranya anda nampak lelaki or perempuan yg encem or cantik apakah yg anda lakukan?
lelaki encem? main mata suda.. hahaha

Apa filem yang paling terkini anda tonton??
Love Matters - Best siot.. lawak giler..

Jika anda ada masalah yang boleh dikongsi, siapa org pertama yang anda cari??
Prince Shetaki... heh?? hahaha

Cinta monyet pertama anda, masa umur berapa??

Senaraikan 2 makanan yang teringin anda makan saat dan ketika ini???
Roti Jala ngan Nasi Briyani

Korang rasa mana best friendster, myspace or facebook??
Tiga-Tiga macam haram..

Listkan 3 jiwang song yang paling anda suka dengar skrg.
1. Krazy - Pittbull
2. Run The Show - Kat Deluna
3. If You Seek Amy - Britney Spears

Anda tensen bila…
Aku call, orang tak angkat!

Lagu apa yang menjadi ringing tone anda skrg??
I Still Believe - Mariah Carey

Orang yang terakhir mengirim SMS kepada anda sebelum menjawab tag ini..

Berikan satu tajuk lagu yang liriknya ada kaitan dengan diri or kehidupan anda….
Holiday - If i could take a step back make it turn any different, I would hide those bags and I'd tear that ticket. Never thought you and me'd be done in a minute.Now Im making new plans but you're just not in it...

Kalau anda gumbira anda akan…
Tak senang duduk.. hehe

Senaraikan org yg kene buat tag ni selepas ini…
Saper nak buat, buat la...
21 March 2009

Just Keep On...

Bercakap~bercakap~bercakap atas kepentingan sendiri.
Menarik perhatian untuk diri sendiri yang mungkin sendiri fikir dah perfect sangat-sangat!!

Teruskanlah memutar belit cerita dongeng tu sendiri.. boleh la suatu hari nanti buat filem.
Biarla orang yg mendengar tak faham jalan cerita.. asalkan menceritakan tentang penderitaan.. wah kononnya penderitaan la.. hehehe
i'm not laughing at your feelings.. it's just a sound "hehehe"
but why need to care about the sound anyway...
Oh yeaa..! I forgot the question that came across into my mind..
Do you really-really have feelings?
I'm the one who don't have feelings?

I don't have to blame myself anymore in every time u pull away your face..
The truth is I'm not that complicate.

18 March 2009

Tag dari Ketua Pari-Pari

Aku telah di tag oleh Ketua Pari-Pari...
dia ni di kira satu-satunya pari-pari yg wujud di Kingdom aku..
mcm ala-ala cerita Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella gitu...
macam jer...

Berkenaan lagu cinta??? waaa.. aper ni.. pasal2 cinta.. sensitif punya topic ni.. haha
takperla... kita buat jugak, walaupun 'single' jer skrg ni.. tapi cinta masih dihati.. huh!

List 10 of your favorite LOVE songs and tell me the reason u like it..Heartbreak love songs can also counts.

p/s: and count it backwards like 10,9,8...because I think it's fun to read that way.
10) Cuba Untuk Mengerti - Siti Nurhaliza
-yang ni count as heartbreak song.
-suka sangat dengan melodi lagu ni, terutama skali liriknya.
9) Holiday - Hilary Duff
- sbb aku mcm Hilary Duff kadang2.. (kadang-kadang jer... kecoh arr)
-no larh.. mmg lirik dia pun bermakna jer.. hehehe

8) 7 things - Miley Cyrus
- Because the 7 Things is true!!
- Yes! i wanna be with someone that i know...

7) When There Was Me and You - Vanessa Hudgen (HSM)
- Aku suka keseluruhan lirik lagu
- Alunan melodi yang menyedapkan telinga mendengar.

6) Love Story - Taylor Swift
- Aku nak jadi Juliet yg melarikan Romeo!
- durhh.. wujud ker??

5) Ketentuan - Ramlah Ram
- Prince Shetaki punyaaalah buat muka time aku dengar lagu ni di kelas Intro Advertising.. best siot lagu ni..
- Sentimental habis!
- Dari bersamamu.. terus berpura.. setelah cinta tiada lagi di hatimu.. ku hapuskan air mata dari mengiringi... bla bla bla.. hahaha

4) Reach - Eyes Set to Kill
- Yea.. lagu ni.. lagu jerit-jerit.. hahaha
- Hush your harsh word my dear.... It's hurts to reach you when i'm down!

3) There For You - Flyleaf
-Always wanna be the there for you!!
- lalalala

2) Puppy Love - Donny Osmond
- cuteeeeeeeeee! sgt lagu ni.. haha

1) No Promises - Shayne Ward
- Owh yea.. dari dulu sampai skrg ... still TOP 3!!

Anda telah di tag.. buat jer la ehh... hahaha
1) Ira
2) Prince Shetaki
3) Rizz
4) Pojie
5) Remy
6) Rui
17 March 2009

Tukar Kereta Mau??

This is one of my embarassing story!
it's happened last 2 days.

citernya mcm ini, aku keluar membawa housemate aku keluar gi rumah kawannya di SS berapa ntah..
katanya tertinggal barang.. and she need to get it by tonight..
of course la.. aku yg begitu baik ni pasti akan tolong! hehehe

Dalam jalan nak balik ke rumah,
aku cam teringin jer nak beli makanan segera kat kedai sebelah apartment aku. Aku tak park kereta, tapi berhenti betul2 depan kedai tu.. takperla kan.. housemate aku kat dalam kereta, lagi pun aku nak beli-beli kejap jer..

Lepas-lepas jer aku bayar barangan yg aku beli.. aku terus keluar dari kedai.. totally plastik agak berat la.. sbb beli air mineral berbotol-botol.. huhu..
ini lah nak dijadikan cerita... waaa.. malu seyh aku nak menaip nih..
masa aku keluar dari kedai, aku terus nak buka pintu kereta hitam aku.. tapi bila aku di betul2 pintu bahagian pemandu, aku peliks..
kenapa dalam kereta aku ni ada lelaki di sebelah??
lampu radio ni pun mcm pelik warna biru..

kemudian aku sedar! OMG!!! THIS IS NOT MY CAR!
Mana kereta aku.. aku gelabah dah.. ingat kereta aku hilang! aku menoleh ke kanan! alamak! kereta aku betul2 kat depan kereta yg aku serbu tadi!
waaa.. malu-malu!! aku menjerit dlm hati! sambil menyumpah dalam hati! urghh..

haa... malu tak malu??
on that time.. driver dia pun dtg.. he's an Indian,
aper dia ckp??

"kenapa?? nak naik kereta ni ker??"

aku membisu tapi dalam hati,
"baaaaaaabiiiiiiiiiiii !! aku tersilap larr bodoh!"

aku membuka pintu kereta aku, dan menyendeng badan aku masuk perlahan-lahan..
sebab malu teramat! serta menahan gelak.. kepala aku hantuk ker stereng!! waaaa!!

Shu : Awat ni??
Aira: U ubah kereta eh??
Shu: Takdalah. i duk diam2 jer kot..
Aira: I hmpir2 masuk kereta belakang kita tau tak!
Shu : haa??
Aira: A'ah.. patutla pelik semacam ! rupanya silap kereta! waaahaaa..!!
Shu: (gelak besar) hahahahahaha!!! patutla lama semacam! i nampak u keluar dari kedai tadi terus unlock kereta, tapi u tak masuk2 kereta lagi!
Aira: Pergghh.. bleh plak kan! lain kali panggil la!
Shu : Mana la i nak tau u silap kereta.. hahahahaha lawak arr u ni. ada-ada ja hal gila u buat! hahaha

Siyesli, aku tak perasan langsung kereta aku!! aku nampak kereta yg aku silap tu jerr..
gosh rabun dah ker aku nih?
kereta tu pun sama jenis dgn kereta aku.. serta berwarna hitam!
numb plat tak tgk la plak.. sbb aku da ingat ITU MEMANG KERETA AKU ! !
aper gado-gado nak tgk numb plat plak kan...

dgn muka tebalnya... aku nak gitau!

ada yang aku siap masuk duduk lagi.. dgn selamber!

16 March 2009
I bought a New Speaker in Alamanda!!!

Rock it ! Rock it ! Move it ! Move it ! Shake it ! Shake it ! never lose it!


15 March 2009

My Friend, Fin Birthday.

Semalam aku menghadiri jemputan Birthday Party kawanku di Heron.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 20Th Years Hendero Fin

Siyesli, sangat kesian sama dia.. the first plan they are planning to do BBQ at the pool side, but suddenly it's raining heavily! it's happened after Sam arrived! so he's the cause! hahaha
then, terpaksala Cancel.. dan bawa balik semua makanan naik atas.. goreng saja di rumah. hmm..

wateva it is.. its still fun and happening for me. I enjoyed every moment with them.
Taking pictures. Eating. Chatting, Joking and Drink!
wohooo even i dont drink!

Scene 1 :

Hujan turun...

Sathish : Ni semua pasal mamat Taiping ni larr.. sampai saja terus hujan! lain kali jangan datang la...
Harmail: Entah, u pergi balik la skrg.. go go..
Sam : Waaaa.. apsal aku pulak!

(kesian sama Sam, hahahaha)

Scene 2 :

Sam : Mamat ni aku pernah nampak kat Limkokwing, tp mamat yg tu aku tak pernah nampak plak kat campus.
Aira : Pelik eh, Mamat tu belajar kat UNITAR, ko bleh plak nampak kat Limkokwing. Mamat yg belajar kat Limkowing tu, tak pernah plak ko nampak.. haih..
Sam : Owh yerker..hehehe.. muka macam serupa.
Aira : Takyah cover! hahaha

(Sam tu semua dia nampak....)

Scene 3 :

Sam : U all plan nak pergi club mana?
Edwyn : MP Club di KL..
Aira : Bapak jauh.. best ker situ??
Edwyn : Best la jugak.. jom laa...
Aira : Hmm.. jauh laa.. =(
Edwyn : Aarh.. dun worry.. sana semua pund*k jadi p*ki.. so, takder orang akan rogol kamu punya!
Aira : Huh??
Sam : Maksud dia.. semua kat situ GAY lar ! So diorang takkan kacau ko ! hahaha
Aira : Owh..yer ker

(macam mana tu...??)

Scene 4 :

Aira : Heh.. are u drunk?
Keshen : No! I'm horny right now!
Sathish: Habis la..Aira.. lari..lari..duduk jauh2 sikit
Aira : hahaha.. WTF.. heLLOOoo I'm lesbian ok!
Sam : Huh.. dan dan tukar orientation.. dari straight tiba-tiba jadi lesbian
Sathish: Sekarang.. orang tak kisah lesbian ka atau gay.. sama saja..
Aira : Itu bi-sex bodoh! aku lain... hahahaha

(bi-sex dgn lesbian pun tak reti beza)

Scene 5 :

about football..

Sathish : Wey.. Liverpool - 4 goal , MU - 1 goal
Aira : Wohooo.. jnji MU kalah sudahh... miahaha
Sathish : Wait-wait i'm going to call MU punya orang...

Scene 6 :

dah nak balik...

Aira : Bye everybody!!! see you guys!
Keshen : ieyee... Aira want to leave me aa?? GO laa.. pergi ikut merekaa.. pergi laa...
Aira : I tak pergi clubbing la.. i terus balik.
Keshen : GOOooo...!!
Aira : Haishh..
Sathish : Dah.. dah Aira.. balik jer.. dia dah tak betul..

(He is totally drunk! okay)


13 March 2009

Terencat ker dier??

i really hate arguing about the electricity bill! Fuck off laaa...
tired sia, balik dari kerja.. baru nak lentok jer.. kedengaran bunyi orang masuk rumah...
Aku ingatkan lawyer aku balik.. rupanya Loyar aku..huhu dia menuju ke dapur.
hmm.. aku pun sengaja melawat dapur.. tak tahu la nak gi mana dah.. hahaha

Aira : Owh.. hai ****!! pa khabar??

Alienn : HYE!!!

Mak datuk terkejut aku.. aku bertanyakan kepada orang lain, suara dari arah lain yg jawab..
aku pun menoleh ke kanan.. wahaha.. lelaki Neg_ro!
dalam hati sumpah seranah aku! ayam betui.. aku bukan main seksinya kat rumah bleh plak ada lelaki time tu kat ruang tamu.... selamber rock sudah!

Aira : Owh hyee! (boyfriend minah ni ker??)

aku approach aja si Loyar kat dapur...

Loyar : Aira, kamu tak ke kelas?
Aira : kelas?? hari ni mana ada.. aku kerja.
Loyar : Kamu kerja apaan?? dimana??
Aira : kerja di *********...
Loyar : Masa sih aku nggak tahu.. (sambil kegedikkan mencubit aku)
Aira : (lempang kang!) owh.. buat apa kasi tahu sama kamu?? hahaha
Loyar : Jahat sih lo..

sambil menuju ke kamar...

Aira : (yerker??) eyh, is he........
Loyar : No, He is just a friend.
Aira : Oh really..
Loyar : Yess..
Aira : Hye... I'm Aira. (merenyih)
Alien : Hye.. I'm Ah**d. U are taking diploma rite?
Aira : (owh islam ) Heh? how you know?
Alien : Yea.. i know you.. we are in the same class last semester.
Aira : Hoh? really? how come i never remember u??
Alien : I dont know, but i do remember you.. we'ew in design class i think..
Aira : owh Thank you! for remember me.. but i'm really sorry.. i dont remember u at all..
Alien : ohoo.. its okay.
Aira : hmm.. okay see you... (terus masuk bilik, tutup pintu!)

siyes.. aku tak tahu langsung! hahaha ini membuktikan aku tak pernah ambik tau! ngee..
bila tengok mamat ni di bawah sinaran cahaya lampu, tak la gelap mana... boleh la gaya dia..
dia pakai spek nerdy ngan gonggong botol mineral... terpikir aku, dia ni cam terencat jer.. hahaha
sambil bercakap dengan aku pun main gigit botol!

haih... wateva.

12 March 2009

Tangga Makan Orang!

Tangga makan orang?? haha iyerr jer...


Tapi betul la...
lagi-lagi tangga kat campus aku tuh! perghh...
ni kiranya aku nak cerita pasal aku jatuh terguling-guling dek tangga itu laa....

Aku ini peminat kepada kasut yang bertumit tinggi atau omputih panggil High Heels!
2 inci, 3 inci, 4 inci, 5 inci (maximum) kasut aku ada.. dan selalu saja aku kuar jalan2 atau ke kelas, mmg aku pakai..

Kita imbas kembali....

Dulu, semasa aku masih di Semester 1 di campus hitam itu, aku terlewat ke kelas Human Communication, kelas start tepat pukul 9 pagi, tapi aku sampai di pintu pagar campus pukul 9.15pg. Owh well, di sebabkan aku tak pernah rapat dengan lecturer aku (tak pernah sembang), aku takut kang aku kena marah plak sebab lewat.. Kalau kena marah sekali, mmg sure aku akan down dan takkan pernah suka subject itu. Jadi aku bertindak membuka kasut dan berlari kaki ayam sampai ke kelas (dengan membimbit kasut).. and sure arr org sekeliling tgk... dgn pakai baju kurung bleh plak lari..market pun jatuh arr sikit..(sikit jerr..) tapi lantak lah malu kejap jer. and kelas bukan dekat... jauh jugak.. sakit tapak kaki aku pijak batu tar.. hahaha.
itu kira nasib tak terjatuh la lagii....

Last year, Semester 2, Kejadian pertama, aku rajin membimbit beg laptop di tangan kanan, galas beg tangan bahangian kiri.. so penuh arr tngan time tu. di tangga depan kat "Marketing", aku terserempak dengan ex-classmate aku yg dh tukar course dia naik tangga, aku plak nak turun tangga. Bersapa la "Hai Hoi Hai" kemudian "Byeeee".. lepas dia blah., aku pun turunlah tangga..
sekali.. tumit kasut kiri tersangkut dekat jeans kaki kanan aku.. dan totally aku tak bleh gerak.. tak seimbang.. then.. jatuh terduduk melepasi 4 anak tangga.. sakit siot! aku pun dgn pantas melihat sekeliling.. depan, belakang.. tadak orang! nasib aku baik la sikit.. kalau ada orang.. mmg aku totally akan buat-buat pengsan! hish.. bleh bayang begitu malunya, kalau ada orang time tuu.. haih..

Kejadian kedua, ni aku dengan Prince Shetaki, kami berdua.. tengah menuruni tangga ke tempat parking kereta. On that time.. aku pakai kasut tumit jugak... and the same thing happened.. tumit tersangkut.. aku jatuh jugakk! Prince bleh "U-uih!!" SAHAJA! lepas aku jatuh, baru dia angkat... dasar _____ betul! hahaha..

start pada itu.. aku dah tak pakai kasut tumit dah! aku usaha memakai sandal !
senang nak berlari dan berisiko rendah jatuh tangga.. cuma licin di lantai bersimen! hmm..
bukan sebab jatuh tangga saja aku mengelak memakai kasut bertumit, juga di sebabkan aku melihat dokumentasi keburukan memakai kasut betumit.. mcm boleh mematahkan pergelangan kaki..

ngeee.. mau tak berderau darah aku..! waaa..

then dah sebab terbiasa memakai sandal.. aku dah tak biasa memakai high heels dah..
Bila aku pakai, aku kekok nak berjalan..! perlu belajar semula.....

cmner pun.. aku mmg tak suka tangga campus aku... selalu tersandung dan tergolek..

bila aku naik atau turun tangga jer... selalu jer aku ucap

"ee.. tangga makan orang!"


The FOUR things

1 .Aira
2. Ira
3. Aurora
4. Cilakak..! hahaha

1. Do
2. i
3. have
4. ONE???

1. Eating
2. Gossiping with my housemate
3. Listening to music with full volume (i'm sooo gonna get a speaker)
4. Dancing like crazy

1. Hang out with my friends
2. Get in fight with someone
3. My dad bank-in the money.. (ngeee.. ampun abah)
4. Get someone attention!

1. Azirah - My PLKN mates
2. My longgg hair.. of coursee!!!
3. I want to sit on "SPM" once more! (AKAUN "TH" siot)
4. My Violin!

1. Roses
2. Perfumes
3. Any suprises!
4. Nissan 350z fairlady...

1. Dancing
2. Cooking
3. Reading
4. Teaching

1. New York
2. Las Vegas
3. Bombay
4. Madagascar.. (lalalalala i like to move it,move it! )

1. Season Ice Lemon Tea
2. Cuppocino
3. Soya Bean
4. ICE CUBE only

1. Handphone
2. Purse
3. Bank Receipts
4. Keys

1. Black
2. White
3. Peach
4. Red

1. Never
2. Hang
3. Outs
4. Alone!!

1. Mum
2. Dad
3. Afiqah (piqqqqqq)
4. Fitri (Pitttt)

1. Having
2. Someone
3. Love
4. Me

1. Prince Shetaki
2. Rizz ---> belum pernah kena kan??hehehe
3. Pojie Pooh ---> buat yer...
4. You, who reading this!

1. Fin tagged me
2. I cant sleep
3. My brain doesn't work
4. Just forget it!!

10 March 2009



Hari ni hari Selasa! kelas habis pukul 1...
and yes,i make decision to choose Creative studies!

dah hbis kelas... aku nak makan.. ria-ria Prince Shetaki ajak mkn...
disebabkan aku bawa laptop, so nak simpan dulu la.. leceyh la bawa gi Makanlah.
Prince Shetaki taknak ikut sbb dia malas nak jalan sbb kereta, aku parking jauh.... dia nak tunggu di atas tangga sahaja.

Jadi, Mr. Zafarul jer la jadi bodyguard aku (kononla) dia pun nak terus balik...

Aira : U naik kereta ker motor?
Zafarul : Kereta la.. motor buat per.. leceyh la.. tak bleh pakai smart2, kasut lawa2. Hujan susah.
Aira : Btul gak eh.. naik kereta aper? Wira? Kancil?
Zafarul : Tak ah.. naik Unser ja...
Aira : Owh.. ok arr tu.. (Terus membuka bonet kereta ku, menyimpan beg lappy)

kemudian aku nampak si Prince menuju ke arah aku,

Prince Shetaki : Aira, skrg pukul 1 i nak kena baliklah..abang I tengah tunggu kereta kat rumah.
Aira : Lorr.. aku lapar siot..baru teringat nak makan.. hmm.. takperla..

Kitorang pun sembang2 la sikit, si Prince menceritakan masalah keretanya dan pengalaman dia masuk gear 2.. hahaha
wateva.. then terus blah gi kereta dia kat belakang..
so, aku pun masuk jer lah dlm kereta, panaskan enjin aper semua.. tukar CD watsoeva..
n then, aku reverse kereta aku, dan ternampak kelibat kereta manual Prince Shetaki.. menjenguk2 di dalam keretanya.. aku pun niat nak ligan jer kereta mamat ni..
bawa manual plak tu dia.. miahaha

Hasratku tak tercapai dia berhenti di simpang kiri... membuka tingkap.. sambil melambai2 dengan lajunya .. isyarat suruh aku berhenti..
aku pun membuka tingkap kiri,dan berhentikan kereta betul-betul disebelah keretanya...

aku melihat muka Prince Shetaki pucat lesi.... macam baru lepas nampak hantu!
aku dalam kepala ingatkan, kereta mamat ni problem ker aper.. sbb tiba2 berhenti kat tepi...

Shetaki : Aira..aira.. u tau kereta sebelah ...ksdksdaskskt!! (laju giler dia ckp)
Aira : (Huh.. blurr..) Huh??
Prince Shetaki : kereta sebelah i, buat maksiat!! (slow-slow prince ckp)
Aira : Aper??? biar betul??
Shetaki : Ha'ah.. i nampak perempuan dengan lelaki kat sit belakang..dua-dua tak pakai baju! student!
Aira : hahahahahhahahaha
Shetaki : BETULLL!
Aira : Okeyh okeyh..ahha (mmg aku gelak giler time tu.. sambil menutup cermin kereta.. aku blah)

sepanjang jalan aku gelakkk jerr....
bodoh sial.. bertuah si Prince... bayar Rm2 untuk parking bleh tengok porn dah! hahaha
cam menyesal tak dtg lewat sikit untuk ke kelas. bleh la parking sebelah kereta dia gak.. hahaha

sambil aku drive tu... aku teringat kenangan yg sama jugak.. time aku dengan x-bf aku lepak ngan geng gangster dia.. kes orang romen dalam kereta jugak! sebelum tu.. geng-geng diorang ni tengah best duk kenakan Minah-minah Indon kawasan tu yg baru balik dari kedai runcit berdekatan.. bayangkan diorang bleh ikut senyap kat belakang 4 orang Indon tengah berjalan yang asyik bersembang dgn kuatnya, sambil itu geng-geng ini menarik sehelai demi sehelai sayur dalam plastik indon tu.. (sawi,kangkung, daun sup, daun bawang...etc) sampai ke hbis indon tu tak sedar langsung! hahahaha agak jahat seyh diorang tu...

and then, lepas kerja tarik menarik tu selesai, diorang pun datang berkumpul balik... kemudian, aku cam ternampak satu kereta Proton Saga berwarna silver mcam turun naik - bergoyang-goyang..
Aira : Awat kereta proton saga tu bergoyang??
Geng2 : Weyh jom pi tengok.. kita serbu kereta tu...

Sekali aku, dgn skuad ni pun mendekati la kereta tu..
x-boy aku menjenguk kepala ke tingkap kereta proton tu...
X : WOI! (terus dia buka pintu kereta belakang)

dengan selamber.. dia tarik lelaki tu keluar dari kereta..tanpa seurat benang..
hahaha.. bapak malu siot.. nampak hbis tuuu.. aku terus menyorok jer belakang kawan X aku. tengok-tengok dah.. sikit2 suda.. hahaha

diorang tarik mamat cina ni, jauh sikit dari kereta.. and of coz, bulat! hanya telapak tangan dia yg menutupi bahagian eheemmm! hahaha..
siot jer.. kena buli.. diorang pau hbis mamat cina nih.. dia beromen dgn minah Vietnam! sial jer erk.. nak buat dekat kawasan perumahan.. sikit punya tak pikir seyh!

diorang kenakan mamat ni pakai daun pisang (mcm skirt), pergi kedai beli rokok! hahaha
trust me.. this guy buat okay! mula-mula taknak.. tapi dah X aku ugut nak jerit..panggil semua org keluar dari rumah tengok apa dia dah buat.. so, terpaksa la dia buat gak.. hehehe

that's what i remember till now.. ahaha

pesanan kepada student yg ditangkap mata Shetaki dalam kereta tu.. beringatlah eh...
Princessity or Prince jumpa lagi kat parking tu.. mmg kitorang snap gambar pakai Camera SLR kami... clearr tuu... buat shutter speed penuh.. ishh.. bleh buat duit!

p/s : cerita Prince Shetaki sendiri -> http://insideprinceshetaki.blogspot.com/2009/03/berromen-dalam-kereta.html

09 March 2009

Cantek ker kau?

I'm stupid... but I'm NOT TOO STUPID..!

pronounce em' like this - STUPID ~ Stewww - PID.

Good! an A+ for u..

Kawan aku hntar SMS mintak aku ambik dia kat Desaria, katanya boring.
aku cam malas giler nak tinggal bantal..

Aira : Boring eh, ala kesian. ang byar minyak ngan tol. ok ja.
kwn : di sebabkan kereta kau ****. aku byar rm15 sudahla.
Aira : Tak baloi siot! rm15 ulang alik 4 kali... tol lagi.
kwn : Alaa.. **** ja... bukan mercedes! nak mahal2
Aira : uih.. sory ar memang tak baloi.. duk la ang kat Desa tu.. len kali ar..haha
kwn: -tak reply-

terus tak reply haa..
Ingat aku teksi ker mamat ni.. takat nak gi ambik dia ngan gf jalan2.. dari Sunway nak gi Cyber?? wahh cannot2. baik takyah..
duit aku pun tak hbis!
dulu aku stay Desaria, takperla.. skrg tak dah.. OKAY!
so.. tak bleh la kau pancing aku keluar cm dulu. selalu sj terpengaruh nak jalan sana, jalan sini

skrg aku lebih mengenali bantal dari shopping complex!
~dada~ pfft...

07 March 2009

This is FATE.

I keep dreaming these days... my best friend woke me up!
He shouted to me " STOP! "
He gave me thousands of reasons why I should not CARE anymore.
What about now?? What about today?? don't ever care at all !
My other friends ask me " WHY ? "
I have no idea WHY.

I heard a lot of harsh words get into my ears. I still can create a smile.
I read lies ! I heard lies ! I saw lies! I given lies !
everything was totally fake. YES! Now I do feel like a fake human being!

These what had happened.
I thought I'm standing on the truth...but i didn't realize that I'm blind! i forgot where i use to be
Truth?? What truth?? Tell me....
waittt....How I'm going to answer that ? while i don't really know what it is..
I'm a coward begging for a coward.and one day, i will found myself living with chicken's in C.O Ward!

Don't look at the sky... but look on the ground where you are standing. and whisper to yourself
"Hey, you were NOT up there, but u were DOWN here! "

Go inside your room... Look into the big mirror hanging on the wall, see yourself ! and whisper
"You are prettier than before. This face what people are keep looking, not a person who love to stare at!"

I always keep listening to the others are keep crying for hundreds time that they sick of their life, and wanted to begin a new life...!
try ask em' what is the new things? What have changed? How the new life looks like?

There is NO new things, NOTHING change, and WE CANT SEE LIFE!
still using the same name
still wearing the same clothes
still friend with old friends
still have the same face
still living with the same heart
still inhale the same air.....
everything was the same, only the time is changing from a second to a minute.

there's no new life that people keep gossiping about,
we can't change our life but we have to change our view... this what we can say NEW.

change your view on people around you...
they are pushing you and it felt like they are pushing you away! that's your view.
but on their view, they are pushing u to walk with their support.

I'm a girl who talks a lot - carrying big stories to share.
I'm a girl who have big eyes - but i can't see and read people hearts
I'm a girl who create smiles everyday -but i cry before i went to bed

The girl who try to understand someone else, but now she can't hold on anymore, she just have to move on, burying the love chain that's already ended. somehow there's a shadow will be the witness. For now the time is moving with her, and keep these memories in her heart.

As long as I live there's more I can give. If never enough i can give anything but up!
As far as i go there's one thing i know, It's never to tough,
I'll give everything but up.

I need someone, and anybody, help to pull me out from this black hole.
I shouldn't be in here from the start.

06 March 2009

Guard Tolol !!

Seriosly i'm so f*cking hate whenever i drive or pass through my apartment front gate, whether going out or going inside!

tadi aku dengan kawan aku, Sam, nak hntr aku masuk dlm kawasan block apartment aku. Then, guard obviosly tahanla kan sbb takder sticker parking kat kereta Swift mamat ni.. n then, he open his car window,

Guard : Nak kemana??
Sam : nak hantar kawan jap kat block dier.. (sambil tunding jari kat aku)
Guard : (looking at me) block mana??
Aira : (l*hanat larr... buat tak kenal aku plak!) Block B! (sambil merenung tajam)
Guard : (angkat palang)
Sam : Bukan guard ni ker yg duk kacau ko? yg ko gi bgtau blok ko tu naper..?
Aira : Saja buat tak tau ja dia tu!

This guard are so00 "tuuuuuutt" !!
kau kacau aku.. hntar SMS, call-call, mengayat-ayat cam sial,
bila tanya, "kau ni saper??"
"ermm.. awak tinggal kat .... kan??"
"awak drive kereta ...... kan?? saya tahu la"
oooh.. itu, ko kenal plak aku!

ni... dari awal ko dah nampak muka aku.. bleh plak tnya aku duk blok mana!
Bukak terus sudahla, Bodu! bnyak tnya la plak....

anyway, housemate aku yg sorang lg tu, even dah lama tinggal kat sini, hari-hari lalu pintu tu...
pun pernah get into the same problem like this as well..
dia balik dari kerja, kawan dia hntar, the same guard tahan... asking the same question...
bertanya bagaikan tak pernah tgk housemate aku..
blok mana lah, rumah numb berapa lah..

nak kata mata guard tu rabun, tak pakai spek pun! ciss! benci siot!
menggelikan kalau nampak dier nih!

and then, ada lagi sekor!

Hello PAK CIK GHANI ! can you please STOP sending me msg's..
"Aira, sekarang duk kat mana?"
- aku TAK NAK layan!!
"Aira, nak tukar duit syiling. ayah sihat?"
- syiling palahotak! ayah aku?? apa ke hal tnya pasal bapak aku? nak mati awal kah?
"Aira nak tahu kenapa aira sakit belakang? rasanya seat kereta Aira terlalu lower sbb tu sakit belakang"
- sibuk jelah nak kecoh pasal seat kereta aku, drive van ko tu sudala! sakit belakang?? durhh...

even ketiga-tiga mesej ni aku tak balas langsung.. orang tua ni masih saja lagi duk hantar pertanyaan bodoh dan terrramat K!MaK !!!
Bertaubat la pakcik oi !


Street Fighter VS Watchmen

Street Fighter
Street Fighter : The Legend of Chun Li .. what can i say about this movie is... memang GEMPAK nak mampos! haha sebabnya Chun Li ini ialah seorang perempuan.. miahaha.. so, only girls can dream they could be "Chun Li". Kawan-kawan aku yang lain ingat cina la si Chun Li.. tapi aku ckp Mix larr! haha mak dia mat salleh, bapak dia jer cina siam.. hehe. Anyway tak rugi ok tgk citer ni.. Dijamin BEST! so tak payah la aku nak brief sgt citer ni.. korang gi laa discover sendiri.

Citer ni aku baru saja tengok td dengan Sam di Pyramid. Yang ini tak payah la susah2 pergi discover.. Sumpah cam l*hanat! aku baru jer tahu citer ni baru keluar hari ini.. eeee.. saper2 yang belum tengok tuu... bawa bantal k.! dapat seat giler atas 2nd line! ngeee.. 2 jam lebih dkat 3 jam kot citer ni... aku ngan Sam asyik berbisik "bila nak ending nih..???" and "pukul berapa dah sekarang??" and "giler lama sial!"...
berkali-kali melihat hp .. nak tgk pukul berapa.. start masuk 5.30ptg hbis pukul 8.00mlm! cam sial jerr citer ni...nak kata untuk budak-budak.. tak bleh gak! mcm nak ke adult pun ada.. sbb ehem2 pun ada sikit2.. bg aku citer ni mmg boring!! line story ikut2 sampai mati pun tak akan habis. uwekkk!.. and then, dah la tiga jam, ramai, and then bau stoking saper ntah.. kurang oksigen dah aku ngan Sam time tu.. First time aku tgk orang keluar awal! citer lama sangat.

p/s: tengah tunggu Dragon Ball Evolution di pawagam!

05 March 2009

Kerusi Lima Minit

Our Design
Hari ni kelas Creative Studies...
first time aku masuk kelas ini untuk minggu ini...

owh well.. aku berjaya menjawab satu riddle.. dimana kalau fikir balik.. cam bodo jer..
buat penat fikir lama-lama.. jawapan gila gampang!


then, kami diberi latihan mind map, to design a "5 minutes chair"... which people only can sit for five minutes! -kerusi yg memaksa org bangun lepas 5 minit-
untuk diletakkan di dalam Bus or LRT, dimana org berebut nak dapat tempat duduk..
-Princessity, Prince Shetaki, and Fin is in da group.
Fin and Prince Shetaki
mcm-mcm idea kami bagi...
kerusi berpusing2 selepas 5 minit, keluar air panas, bunyi alarm, kerusi melambung lepas 5 minit, kena masukkan duit (autopay), kerusi vacuum bontot la and will explode in time
(meletop terus)... dan bla..bla... hahaha
lepas selesai...
kami kena tukar tempat ke mind map kumpulan lain... kami perlu potong idea diorang dan bg sebab kenapa (komen-komen) siyes.. this moment kami bertiga gelak bagai nak mati..
kumpulan lawan bg idea buat kerusi ada electric shocked, hot water, kena saman kalau tak bangun, akan menyebabkan sakit belakang, dan paling gila skali, the seat will produce gum and stick on your bump! hahaha

komen kami seperti ini :-

  • Electric shocked after 5 mins - It will hurt people
  • Hot Water - Will cause skin diseases
  • Fine - credit card accepted??
  • The seat will caused u Back pain - Like how??? durhh!!
  • The seat will produce gum and stick on your bump! - if u put gum, How people want to get up?? (kan?? melekat la punggung orang tu.smpai mati duduk situ)
Bila dah tamat, kami balik ke mind map kami tengok apa yg diorang komen... cam biasa, rilekk jer diorang komen.. nampak cam kami plak comment gila-gila, dengan gelak bagai nak mati..!
ok then, dari bnyak-bnyak idea tu, kami kena pilih 5 idea terbaik untuk "5 minutes chair"

5 Best Solution :-

  1. Spin
  2. Vibrate
  3. Annoying Sound (alarm)
  4. pay machine
  5. Lock
kemudian, kami kena lukis kerusi "bu'du" ni dan kemudian present kat kelas...

sebelum tu, kami perlu menamakan kerusi ni.. waduhh... 'WATCHOUT!' kami namakan.. hahaha
nama kumpulan?? hahaha diorang eja kat aku.. 3 huruf, tapi aku cam sound trouble kot tulis la "FAK" beso-beso plak tuu... pastu diorang gelak, cakap "AFK"!!!! means Away From Keyboard... laaa.. hahaha so pangkah besa-besa.. tulis lah AFK. hehehe *sowie
dah hbis present semua tu.. rasa cm best laaa plak subject ni.. tapi aku still bingung nak ambik writing for print or creative studies.

02 March 2009

Re : Diskriminasi Terhadap Lelaki

"sepasangan sahabat lelaki dan perempuan menuju ke arah gerai western food di university, si perempuan memesan "Fish and Chip" untuk di bungkus dan di makan ketika berada di rumah sewanya nanti. sang penjual, memulakan proses membungkus Fish and Chip. dua keping isi ikan yang di celup kedalam serbuk roti yang telah digoreng rangup di letak kan di dalam bekas pembungkus. kemudian penjual beralih kepada mix vege dan menyenduk dua senduk mix vege tersebut ke dalam bekas pembungkus, dan kemudian dua senduk gravy ke dlm bekas pembungkus. dan di tambah lagi dengan sebilangan besar Fries dan sejurus selepas itu melemparkan soalan "mau plastik ke?" si perempuan tersenyum gembira.selepas itu, si sahabat yang lelaki pula ingin menduga nasib beliau. jadi dengan pantasnya dia memesan makanan yang sama "Fish and Chip". si penjual memulakan aksi2 yang sama, tetapi dengan kuantiti bahan jual yang amat berbeza. hanya sekeping ikan yang dicelup serbuk roti yang telah digoreng rangup di letak kan ke dalam bekas pembungkus, hanya satu senduk mix vege, satu senduk gravy, dan sebilangan fries yang amat kecil bilangannya. dan tanpa rasa bersalah, si penjual terus meletak kan bekas pembungkus tersebut begitu sahaja, tanpa bertanyakan soalan "mau plastik ke??" si lelaki tersenyum kelat. *cis bedebah punye penjual. "

by Prince Shetaki

Ok, This is a reply to Prince Shetaki...

Tahniah, anda berjaya membuatkan aku gelak terguling2.... bgtau jerr yg lelaki tu Prince Shetaki, dan perempuan itu aku sendiri, iaitu Princessity! hahaha

Apabila Mr. Kal ni nampak aku dapat semua extra, isi ikan, black pepper sauce, mix vege, fries... dan segala extra... termasukla servis membungkus semua ini dalam plastik beg. and it cost me RM7.00 only.
Kawan pun.., aper lg.. terbeliak la... "uihhh bnyaknya.., i pun nak beli jugak lah.."
wah, kawan pun tak sabar2 ni nak dapat lebih...
aku pun hnya berdiri menunggu si kawan mendapat makanannya...
apa yang aku lihat... isi ikan kecik, black pepper sauce, sayur, dan fries.. kawan pun membuat muka masam sambil memuncung mulutnya mcm ikan kelisa punya mulut! miahahaha...

kawan tak dapat plastik... kena mintak.. dan bungkus sendiri.. ini lah moment yang palinggg lawak! lagi kesian.. nak buka helaian plastik tu pun susah..

memang nampak sgt... aku di beri perkhidmatan penuh! malah terlebih~ i think!

this is the reason why i proud to be a girl...
so guys, be gentleman always yea... girls like it!

p/s: ini baru fish and chip... how about roti canai pulak?? jom kal !



Hari ni aku make-up terlebih masa...
ngee... dah la kat cyberjaya skrg ni pun dah mula jam.. student semua dah kaya raya ada kereta sendiri agaknya..

dalam tengah kelam kabut.. aku main capai jer aper benda yg aku nmapak perlu bawa letak dlam handbag.. termasukla hairdryer Afiq (nak kena bg balik)
class start 9.30am aku keluar around 9.20am... haa.. tempoh nak ke sana dalam 20-30mins tak campur jam.. so what?? nak bawa 80km/h mmg lambat la... aku pun speed la 140 - 145km/h.. sampai bergegar stereng! trauma accident pun aku terlupa seketika..haha bleh la smpai 9.30am.. selamat pakai smart tag! ok la.. minyak aku untuk 2 hari dah terpakai sbb aku bawa laju.. waaa..! (hope takder speed-trap..)

and first time.. aku dapat parking.. gila hujung nun di situ.. dari pakai kasut tumit, tukar kasut selipar nak lari.. ingat nak gi bursary ambik numb nak buat payment, tapi rasa cam kelas dah mula.. so tak jadi la.
selamat Miss tak marah... sep bekkk...

after class gi la bursary.. ambik number.. rasa cam sempat kot kalau gi minum...
lepas minum, terhegeh-hegeh la aku gi bursary ingat turn aku dah sampai..
otw, tersangkut ngan Si Sam.. miahaha.. RM50 akuu weyh! maner?? buat assgment penat kot!

sekali masuk bursary.. number aku dah lepassss... 5 number plak tu! haishh..
gi ambik lagi numb, lagi 30 orang nak tunggu! eee malas! baik gi class.. esok jer la aku bayar!

kalau teringat-ingat neyh.. mcm2 barang aku nak kena beli..dan hutang yg perlu bayar...

i'll update more later.... tata!

01 March 2009

To My Readers :-

skrg ni.. tengah ketandusan broadband yg tak berfungsi.. so i can't update my blog for a while...
thankxxx for reading and stopping by... i'll update my blog A.S.A.P !!

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  1. Korang dikehendaki mengambil 1 pic korang yang paling meletup dan paling memikat..
  2. Pastikan crop-kan pic itu td kpd bbrp bahagian tertentu sajer yg menonjolkan kecantekan or kehodohan korang..
  3. Buatlah huraian ala² cam SPM dulu. Huraikan serba sedikit tentang bhgian market korang tuh... Cantek ke tak.. Suka ker tak.. Kira cam tu lah..
  4. Tag saper² saje asal dia lebih buruk dr korang... Motip.. Hihihihi.. Gurau la.. Tag la sbrapa ramai umat yg anda mau.
Now Let's Start....
Aku pilih pic ni sebab.. aku rindu rambut panjang aku yang dulu.... di mana sekarang ni my friends keep complaining "Aira, rambut panjang u lawa lagi...!"
ini yang membutkan aku menyesal bagai mimpi tak sudah! ~ngada2 nanti panjang la balik....~

A: Kening. Suka?? ermm.. suka~suka... kalau nak trim tu, tak kot! ok dah la ni.. lgpun time make up aku akan bentukkan kening menggunakan minyak atau losyen..sikitt suda..

B: Mata. bahagian yg boleh la dikatakan mnjadi kebanggaan hati.. Mataku memang besar dan bulat.. Siyes I like! ini dinamakan Mata Galak! tapi sorry eh.. my eye's are soooo NOT like Tara, the girl in "Isteri untuk Suamiku".. naaahh!

C: Warna Mata. warna mataku ialah coklat... orang selalu tnya "pakai contact lense ker??".. the answer is NO.. totally ori. OKAY!

D: Pipi. Pipi ku tak tembam!! tapi kalau boleh kasi tembam sikit.. ngeee PIPI TOMATO!

E: Bibir. ini adalah part yang paling-paling dijaga.. my girlsfriend dulu jeles ngan bibir aku.. merah semulajadi... kalau makan pedas.. merah menyala mcm pakai lipstick maroon. selalu-selalu la sapu butter before tidur.. ~ petua ok!

F: Hidung. ermm.. mak aku selalu cakp.. hidung aku penyet! takdernyerr penyet.. just suit with my face..tak tinggi tak penyet! tapi dun know la.. why org ckp hidung tinggi lawa?? tak kot.. sbb hidung cam tajam2 haa... lawa meyh?? lantak arh.

G: Gigi. Dulu kalau tangkap gmbar tak pernahnya ku senyum.. sbb dulu aku jongang sket.. sket ker?? haha.. lepas pakai braces 4 years.. this is the result.. sekarang selalu-selalu lah aku senyum.. walau tak ikhlas.. ngeh3..

H: Dagu. i'm so proud of it....... tajam kalau, Tak lawa!

itu diaa briefing pasal muka aku... aaa.. jangan blueks, jangan aper k.. i know u jeless.. hahaha
This is just a tagged from Pojie Pooh! 100% true! ngeeee