07 March 2009

This is FATE.

I keep dreaming these days... my best friend woke me up!
He shouted to me " STOP! "
He gave me thousands of reasons why I should not CARE anymore.
What about now?? What about today?? don't ever care at all !
My other friends ask me " WHY ? "
I have no idea WHY.

I heard a lot of harsh words get into my ears. I still can create a smile.
I read lies ! I heard lies ! I saw lies! I given lies !
everything was totally fake. YES! Now I do feel like a fake human being!

These what had happened.
I thought I'm standing on the truth...but i didn't realize that I'm blind! i forgot where i use to be
Truth?? What truth?? Tell me....
waittt....How I'm going to answer that ? while i don't really know what it is..
I'm a coward begging for a coward.and one day, i will found myself living with chicken's in C.O Ward!

Don't look at the sky... but look on the ground where you are standing. and whisper to yourself
"Hey, you were NOT up there, but u were DOWN here! "

Go inside your room... Look into the big mirror hanging on the wall, see yourself ! and whisper
"You are prettier than before. This face what people are keep looking, not a person who love to stare at!"

I always keep listening to the others are keep crying for hundreds time that they sick of their life, and wanted to begin a new life...!
try ask em' what is the new things? What have changed? How the new life looks like?

There is NO new things, NOTHING change, and WE CANT SEE LIFE!
still using the same name
still wearing the same clothes
still friend with old friends
still have the same face
still living with the same heart
still inhale the same air.....
everything was the same, only the time is changing from a second to a minute.

there's no new life that people keep gossiping about,
we can't change our life but we have to change our view... this what we can say NEW.

change your view on people around you...
they are pushing you and it felt like they are pushing you away! that's your view.
but on their view, they are pushing u to walk with their support.

I'm a girl who talks a lot - carrying big stories to share.
I'm a girl who have big eyes - but i can't see and read people hearts
I'm a girl who create smiles everyday -but i cry before i went to bed

The girl who try to understand someone else, but now she can't hold on anymore, she just have to move on, burying the love chain that's already ended. somehow there's a shadow will be the witness. For now the time is moving with her, and keep these memories in her heart.

As long as I live there's more I can give. If never enough i can give anything but up!
As far as i go there's one thing i know, It's never to tough,
I'll give everything but up.

I need someone, and anybody, help to pull me out from this black hole.
I shouldn't be in here from the start.



Rui said...

escape from the black hole..

but dont ever plan anything that will lead u to the white light..

that is not the solution for ur misery..

tc! :)

princeshetaki said...

babe, i'll always be there for u k. dont worry, there definitely more hope for u out there kan..

my shoulder is all urs whenever u need them k..

and2, u really cover up the real story smoothly dear, this is what i call brilliant!! dont let people easily pijak kepala kita k.. ingat tu..

c ya on tuesday!! haha tc

rizz said...

sabar la ekk:)