30 March 2009

~Suka Me??~

I never met him in person...
but yesterday, i went to Putrajaya, to help him working on his group assignment.
He ask me to become his photoshoot modell for his music video... and i say YES.
I have no idea why i say YES to him. I also bring my other friend too because he need one more girl for his project.

At first, i tot his music video theme is "Nasyid", coz i ask him, where is the location? and he reply "our photoshoot will be infront of 'Masjid Putra' "... On that time i was like, whoaa! what?? i dont even wear scarf sia....dont say that u want us act like a fake muslimah??
but luckily, "No.. it's not." hehe
it's kinda about a story of 'love couple' music video.

Aira : Music Video lagu apa yang u all nak buat?
Him* : Lagu Hindi
Aira : Hindi??!
Him* : Eh tak...bukan.. "indie"..
Aira : Owhh.. Ingat Hindi.. (ntah kenapa aku terbayang Preity Zinta.. haha)

And of course i became the heroin...
i was in the scenes where i meet my friends and know him in Alamanda, sitting in a Mercedes old car with him, and driving along the Putrajaya area.. and date in 'Taman Botani' This is my first time i go there! hahaha

The funniest scene is when i have to act like we are dating.. haha

Friend* : Aira, u ngan **** naik atas sana, dan korang berdua turun bawah dengan mesranya, buat la apa-apa pun.. asalkan nampak korang bahagia... and then stop kat sini, **** konon pergi kat kawan-kawan sana tinggalkan Aira. Ok?
Aira : Durrhh.. Selalu jer time kena tinggal tu semua bg kat i.
(punya elok story line dari mula, bleh plak last skali aku kena tinggal??)

when i was at up there with him..and we go down..
but they said "tak bahagia punn"

Friend* : Aira, bleh tak u bagi **** pegang tangan u.??
Aira : huh?? ( OMG, dia tolong tnya untuk kawan dia seyh)
Friend* : Dun worry untuk kali ini jer...hehe
Aira : aaa.... k. (why i'm doing this??)

We start holding hand.. and wait for the signal... but...
f* up! they was like disscusing for a long time at down there... and i'm at up here, were holding this guy hand like we are really dating together!
then i heard they shout

Friends* : Lama tu diorang pegang tangan!! hahahaha

Aira : -owh Sial!-

After that... we all going to Alamanda and have our lumch! Thanks god they paid for us!
Then, they ask to watch movie with them but i'm not joining them. Cuz i'm f*cking tired from the night before yesterday and have to wake up early in the moring. so i dun have enough sleep and feel like i'm going to faint on that time.! so i said "NO, Thank you.."

At night, i went down to have my dinner and shisha with my friends at the pool side, wifi and on9 my myspace and i've got his comment saying "Thank you" and we start to commenting each other. then he ask for my YM.. and yea.. we chat!
then, suddenly, my battery totally zero! and i cant even log out and say BYE to him..
So, i just text him about it. and he replied "okay, if u offline, i pun offline la.."
when i read this,i wonder why he need to go offline because of me?
Okay..here's the test...
"owh, if i'm online, u pun online lar??haha nanti i try online balik eh.."
he answer
" U online, i online la balik.. just text me."

hahaha.. durh.. it's kinda funny to me but at the same time i feel like sweet!

wateva it is i dun think i like him more than friend..
i dont know him at all, we are just a schoolmate but different course.
and the reality is guys always like that!
No such thing that u can love somebody so fast like what we think !
i dont want to be like the girl in their music video.. been left at the end!

Dont say that he love me, but what i can say is he do likes me.. that's all..
and i really can see that.



y2j said...

Love in the air :)

a i r a said...

no it's not..

joegrimjow said...

bese la 2 guy nak wat sweet
bawu la romeo
klu xsweet
jadi oreo aje

mangkuk ayun said...

good for u..

Monkey D Luffy said...

waaaaaaaaaaa... sapa lah yg bertuah berpegangan tangan dengan ko tuuuuu

cis kek sungguh

eh.. lupa lak... salam!

akizaki said...

spread the love..

a i r a said...

its Not love seriously...
so bad la u all...


y2j said...

if not love, then wat u call? :P or maybe he admired u :P