22 March 2009

Explaination of 21st March entry.

This is the thing..
Ada orang dah misunderstood about that entry..
Maybe.. coz, one of my friend told me about it.

I wrote about "she" not "he"...
I never write something bad about "he" in any of my entries..
But i only have about "she"...

The thing is, i will never write something bad about my readers or anyone who knows about this blog.
I dont named the person.. but the real thing is.. she's A GIRL!
Someone i really hate since i know her.

I understand why.. if "he" got misunderstanding about it...
it only happened at the same time i guess..
i understand how much he want me to understand what he really want me to do in every hint's he showed to me. and i'm really felt like i'm just annoying him these days.

Wateva it is, The entry were nothing to do with him.
I'm sorry.



rizz said...

lor sabo ye aira,,btw u..rizz xley bkk la ur f book gallery picta mmg slow..tauk kat mespace yerr

joegrimjow said...

she 2 xlain xbukan....
si i.d.n.ia aka ho..em...e