23 June 2010

Hello back..


i am so so sorry for disappearing for yearssss... but not really (i know).. hahaha

what's up with me now?
hmm.. i'm currently doing my internship now in an advertising agency...
It's Publicis ! Great company, great environment, great people, and great partners...
i'm very shy-shy cat when the first time i'm here.. cuz i know nobody!

I met some new friends here, it is nice to know them...
well, what interesting here is, i have a very happening strategic planner sitting beside me..
where other intern's are so freaking jealous on me, becoz i have a chance to work with her and sit next to her.. well i love her, she's funny.. what i mean by funny is, she don't make jokes, but her style of working are FUN..

Every morning she'll pick up her phone and arguing the person in the phone.. (and its damn funny) i'll story about it to you later... she can write verrryyyyyyyyyy long complain letter..
and she curse a LOT! LOL..

well, i need to get back to work..
i'll update A.S.A.P..
08 April 2010

Koleksi Nama Jepun - Malaysia

1. Yang pemarah - KEiJI CACIMAKI
2. Yang suka berjimat - SAYORI SUKAMURA
3. Yang bisu - KIETA TADASORA
4. Yang suka makan nasi - NANACHi KASIBANYA
5. Yang suka layan blues - APO NADIKATO
6. Yang suka belajar - ASHIKO ULANGKAJI
7. Yang kerap bikin kacau - WAKASI HURUHARA
8. Yang sangat kedekut - MATIMATI TAMOKASI
9. Yang suka sangat tidur - ICHIBAN TIDOMATI
10. Yang suka mengintai - HINTAI AKOSUKA
12. Yang kena tinggal bini - SUSAHATI BINILARI
13. Yang suka merempit - SAJA CARIMATI