13 January 2009

Sorry.. No parking!

WTF! calling me for rent him a parking!
waaa.. am i a Parking Agent or what??

Today i got an sms from Alex..
"Hey,aira... Alex here.. is there any parking available in ur place?"

i tot he was my friend, Alex Lee.. so i just reply "yes"

then he call me.. why he sound not like Alex that i know..

he asking me to rent him a parking lot.. and wanted to discuss with me about the parking!
i said to him.. "sorry, i'm not renting a parking to anyone.. i only renting a room!"
but he still couldn't understand what i mean.. and keep forcing me..
to discuss with him about the parking...
sooo fed up...

i write there using capital letter "A ROOM FOR RENT ONLY FOR FEMALE"
but still there is a guy calling me..

Guy :"Hello do you have any room for male?"
Aira :"No, this room is available for female only"

haisshh what a day..