12 January 2009

Nasi Lemak berdekatan "Hotel"

This is the story..
at 6.45am, when i sent my siblings to school, i feel like i want to eat something..
i think about 'Roti Canai' at first,but when i passed the stall..
they are not ready yet...
Then, i'm think about 'Nasi Lemak'..
so i drive to the 'Nasi Lemak' stall at the back are of Park Avenue Hotel..
Luckily, it's open...! haha

i parked my car in front of her stall, and open my car window...

A : makcik, bg nasi lemak sebungkus..
M: nak yg biasa punya ka??
A : sambal udang ada?
M: ada... nak?
A : ok...

Guess what, it cost me RM1.20 !!
Woaa... expensive!
it was just wrapped with old news paper and plastic! i thought 'daun pisang'!
hmm.. then i open it up,
The rice.. aiyoo.. so little.. it just like 3/4 cup of coffee..
Next, lets talk about the 'sambal udang'... udang kering semata-mata..
and it's about 5 !

The egg?? dont ask.. i dont recognise it was an egg..
Nuts?? hmm.. about 4 nuts!
Cucumber?? none!

aahuh.. usually i only buy 'Nasi Lemak' (wrapped with paper) only for 50sen to 60sen..
sambal udang jugak ngek!

but at this stall.. yg biasa pun dah 70sen! i only upgrade it to 'sambal udang'...
it cost me RM1.20!
wow.. skim cepat kaya nihh.. economy dah la tgh down!

i can get 2 of them u know!! haishh

hmm, i just ate it.. and back to sleep!