12 January 2009

Advertising do help! and make a lot of money!

Today i got about 13 phone calls... asking about the room that open for rent!
its like i'm an operator... sms people, and pick up the phone call with polite as i could! hahaha

i wonder why there was so many missed calls from unknown numbers..
and scared to pick them up!

Caller: Hello...
Aira: Hello,... yes?
Caller: Is the room for female or male??
Aira : room?? (what room?) uhuh?
Caller: Yea.. male or female..?
Aira : female
Caller : Male cannot??
Aira : No..
Caller : Male can larrr...
Aira : No.. female only, sorry..
Caller : Ok.. Tq. bye..

then, i've got an sms, from a lady.. asking for the room..
huhu.. she's working..
and she said... "i'm looking foward to be housemate.. =)"

anyway thanks to Let a room.com.. hehehe
sadly... i need to go back to KL.. by this 20th of Jan.. to meet all my calon2 housemate! haha
still no place to stay... someone help me!!



princeshetaki said...

so camne? perlukah lagi hamba menampal2 iklan2 di campus?

A i ra r o ra said...

ermm... yup..!
sbb ko akan dibayar..
kang aku hantar balik bangla kot!