26 January 2009

New Hair cut???

My friend, Qarl.. ask me to cut my hair exactly like BCL.. short??
that's what i keep thinking for about everyday... to scared to make a drastic changes of my hair.!

Now my hair is kinda long (layer style).. last month, i've cut my front hair.. fringe style..
as my friend, Fin ask me to try it.. same like BCL..

I ask my other friends opinion.. "is this hair style suit me?"

Sathish said "Yes! it will suit you!" that's a great opinion..
but some other said "you rasa you nak potong... potong la.. kalau rasa perlu.."
that doesn't help me at all.. blueks!

hmm.. i've been kind of nightmare cutting my hair short before...
only my parents know how i'll be look like! my face will look like a cartoon network character! haha.

But i'm still thinking about it... pfft..



wanwan said...

aku rasa dengan keadaan kulit kau yg cerah sesuai gak potong rambut camni..nampak muda lagi rasa aku

NIMI♥ Co. said...

yeah certainly!!!
cut mcm ni buat kiter nmpk mude g2..

a i r a said...

kalau cut mcm ni nampak muda.. i will nampak mcm budak2 la.. aha..
i think kalau buat rabut ni kena straightkan rambut kan?

Rara Rasmadin said...

zzz..jangan la cut..kasi panjang ja then, then buat big perms..muka kau kecik nda ngam rambut pendek..mcm budak tadika tu nanti..org mau sexayh..ohoho..

a i r a said...

Omg Ira..
Budak Tadika??? jeeezzz..
hahaha i can imagine that!