23 January 2009

Reminding me the last Song u wrote??

When i'm still the old 'Ira',
i've been in relationship with him for about a year..
he is kinda romantic for me.. he wrote me beautiful songs titled 'Ira'

i believe in every single words in the song, especially

"Akulah yang mangsa kalau kita berpisah, aku kan sayang kamu sepanjang hayat aku...."

but after u lefted me for another girl, i dont believe it anymore..
but i still keep the song with me till now.

it's good u still remembered my name, my birthdate, my friends and everything about me...
so sudden u nudge me on MSN,
u talked to me nicely. burned all ur phone credits just to call me from Singapore.. for about many years (after u caught ur gf sleeping with other guy) finally u call me!
u said that i still look as the same as before he knew me, pretty and cute..
I'm a little bit shocked when u called me 'yang' on the phone..
is that because in your lyrics u said that u will love me forever?

hmm.. if in ur mind, u want me to come back, i dont know what will the answer will be..
and i dont think we will start all over again.
because..there is no space for a guy like u in my heart.
just let me live with my own life right now.