07 January 2009

Migrain Nightmare!

Last night at 1 am i feel like~ i want to shave my hair till 'botak'
only god knows how i feel the pain...
I ate my very strong medicine called 'Cafregot' but it dont give me any effect!
Gosh.. i keep bumped my head over and over agin on my pillow...
when i lay back down.. try to sleep, i feel dizzy andddd..... uwekkkk! hahaha (vomit)

When my mum came down to the kitchen.. i go to her..

A : Maa.. migrain lorrr!
M : Makan la ubat..
A : Dah.. tak jd pa pun...
M : Makan la lagi sebijik...
A : Tak mau la... ma.. esok tak hantaq kot depa pi sekolah suruh abah..
M : Hmm.. stgi mak habaq..

then i go to bed.. at 2am.. i pick up my phone call..
and my migrain totally gone when i talk to him! hahaha..
i laughed and talked a lot maybe...
we end at 3am.. then i go back to kitchen.. (starving)
i ate Tomyam Maggie Mee....

Finally i can sleep! aaaahhh...
wateva it is.. i hate migrain!