11 January 2009

Damn! I Totally Forgot which 'Hooi' is this!! (LoL)

This is another funny story that happened just now!
Alex, my friend keep asking me to introduce any of my Chinese girl friend to him...
These days, i keep telling him about one of my friend named 'Doris'..
i said that she's pretty, she's got really big beautiful eyes and her face really really cute!
After that, eveytime this guy saw i'm online in MSN.. he keep pushing me...

Alex: dia online tak wey??....

for thousand of times.. Doris dont really love to online...so i cant introduce her to Alex..

Suddenly.. a chat box in MSN appear on my screen.. it's from Hooi, saying Hi ! i dont really remember who she is..but she told me, she is my school mate! and i dun ask her to much about that..to lazy to know more cuz even when i look at her pic, i still can't recognise her.. i'm afraid i would hurt her feelings.. if she know i dont remember her at all!!
but she looks cute.. so i just layan sj...
a few minutes later, this crazy Alex appear online.. and still asking me the same question!
"dia online tak??"
urghh... so i got and idea .. how about i just introduce Hooi to Alex..!! hehehe..
and the girl also agree to know Alex.. hahaha
so i just invite Alex to join our conference.. and Alex are soooo happy..

Aira: oit, dia online! hahaha
Alex: haha invite !
Aira: hmm jap

Then.. he chat a lot with Hooi.. suddenly he ask me..

Alex: yg tu doris ke? asal email viviana ?
Alex: aik..u panggil dia doris ?
Aira: itu aku punya pasal la? ko lain maa
Alex: cis.
Aira: ko nak taknak?? taknak ckp taknak
Alex: nakkkk.. ish

i can't tell him the truth.. i dun know why.. maybe it was to fun playing with him! LOL!
He ask a lot to Hooi... and i'm just reading it..

Alex: u know aira since childhood??
Hooi: No..^^ she is my classmate when we are form 3..
Alex : oooo..

then.. i'm feel like a big shocked!!
Form 3??? eh 'Hooi' mana ni haa??
budak cina nama 'Hooi' adaka dlm kelas aku dulu?? i keep wondering and flash back to year 2005!
and keep repeating her name 'Hooi...Hooi..Hooi..' by closing my eyes, and imagine every single chinese girl face in my class.. Joice, Mayne, ermm.. Soo hoon.. Sien Hooi.. huhh??
Sien Hooi?? OMGGGGGGG... so, the meaning of '...._bsh@hotmail.com' is Boo Sien Hooi..!
i laugh so hard when i manage to remember her.. hahaha
She's the girl that kinda small but BIG! haha
got what i mean?? she looks different in her display pic..like she got nice body cute face..
well how about the full pic? goshh..i'm dead!! then Alex nudge me...

Alex: woi aku tumbuk muka hang
Alex: cakap cantik.
Aira: cantik la..
Aira: comel pa...
Alex: babiiiiiiii
Alex: u butaaa
Aira: apa plak??
Aira: apa yg tak betul??
Alex: hhahha x pe la
Alex: member pon x pe la

I pretend like nothing was going wrong.. but for real... i can't stop laughing..!!
omgg.. i really forgot who she really is.. is that my fault?? huhu kinda.. but not 100%! LOL