04 January 2009

*2008* Memory

Sweet Memory

- I went to National Service in Langkawi (Kem Beringin Beach Resort)
- I have a friend 'Wan Azierah', guide me to change my bad attitude
- Excelent SPM 2007 result
- From 'Tom-boy' , I change to be 90% girlish.. (its true!)
- My parents allow me to study in Limkokwing Unversity
- I got a boyfriend
- I knew and met many people (friends)
- I entered 'Gadis Melayu' Audition
- I enjoyed my teenage life
- I owned a car
- I owned a DSLR
- I'm allowed to change to a/c Single room in Desaria
- I've straighten my hair
- I've coloured my hair
- I've highlighted my hair (Birthday Presents from Dalila)
- I've play 'Bluff card' in the midnight beside the pool.
- I've become a 'Kaki Wayang'
- Good result for my 1st semester
- I've got four new sisters - Kak Ain-Kak J.lo-Kak Yuz-Kak Kelly
- A new Sony E. hp, W910 for my birthday
- New lappy, HP TX
- New Haircut (never try that style before)
- I've been taught how to use photoshop

Sucky Memory

- My pictures and video in PLKN deleted!
- I throw my O2 into Limkokwing big drain
- Accident with a Proton!
- I blow up my lappy!
- Be with Biatch in sucky presentation (No more with u girls)
- Broke-up with my boyfriends
- I've got bad fake sis ever!
- Separated with my 1st sem classmates
- Datin 'PALANG' me... =(
- 12.5 for my logo!
- stressed with Prof Writing work....
- I've cry a lot the whole day, night, week and months
- I'm off with the posers!
- I HATE my birthday
- 'Soal Hati' problems
- I've been in a big fight with 17 yrs old stupid gal!
- I lost my appetite so much
- I've missed some-one so badly.
- Ba*i 'W' in my life
- An uncle fall in love with me. euw
- My friend Gf , though that i'm gonna steal his boy..
- I broke my high heels shoes..
- i lefted myroom key inside the room!
- I walked through balcony



TK said...

so many story u... when u got bf??? i also dont know..