02 February 2009

My House My Rules!

u really~really put me in a big trouble with my dad!
if u dont wanna stay, just leave. its better for me to get rid of this stupid problem.
u bring ur raven inside the house, that's was really not good, really~really bad.
I allow u to do this and that inside the house. But when i get back there.

u are sooooo dead!

probaly i wont allowed any guys entered the house without my permission!
my house, it so gonna be my rules.

damn it!



rizz said...

saba erk..dugaan tuu

a i r a said...

dugaan la sangat2..

joegrimjow said...

sowie, kawan ajak men bdminton, rushing

elok juge berblog kan, ley luahkan perasaan marah 2. org ni pelik2. kalau ngn mlsian pon dah 24 juta perngai, xcampo dengan pak ambak lg, berjuta2, hush, bnyak 2. kene la bawak besabo, cari pengganti, tuka housemate. moga2 senang la hendaknye