11 February 2009


Now its already 12 at noon!

Damn i'm still fucking sleepy! i try so hard to wake up at 9 in the morning. So i set my phone alarm earlier at 8.45am. I am so fucking lazy to wake up... guess what.. i woke up at 10.45am! That's only happen because i forced myself...but the real situation is i'm still want to sleep! pfft..
The owner of this house and his workers are going to come at 12.00pm. wondering where they are..?? its already 12!
owh waittttt..

Ding ~ dong! YEA, they here!

service all the aircond's in the house.
Take out every things that we dont need in the house. "Tong-tong cat" and bla~bla~bla...

I realize i my neck wa so hurt... bantal tinggi agaknya..
but last night, i fall down in the laundry room! licin laaa! Yes! i wash my clothes at night! haha...
siyesly its hurt!

i hurt my back,
and my head,
plus my neck after i woke up from my sleep just now...

i'm better wacth'em repairing all the things rite now!
i'll be back with an issue.. MAYBE~ LOL



rizz said...

ehhe rizz kalau wekend bgun kul 12 ..weeeeeeeeee