18 December 2008

Daughter to Father

This Saturday, my daddy booked a family room in Lesuire Cove for holidays!
and just now my mum ask W to come with us too.. ~oh not that b****rd!

Just now, i told everything to my daddy about W in Skype...
I can't take it anymore, b'coz my mum seems like never try to understand me...
even i've told her about a thousand times..
every single things i told him.. till i've felt like wanna cry...
about the sportrim, handbrake, msg's, behaviour... and so on that i dont like about him!

i just type..type.. type.. and type.. really fasttt.. and my dad read it (webcam)

He agreed.. and he told me that he already talk with my mum about that before..
but my mum said, it was Fitri.... (iyaa..rite..! pfft..)

He gave me a solution.. he want to talk directly with W... (yes.. yess.. sgt suka!)

IF this Saturday, W come with us to Penang,

"Kalau W ikut, hazirah tak payah pergi! call abah, abah nanti CANCEL! atau suruh mama cakap ngan abah ."

huaaaa.. see... i should tell about this to him from the first i think!
so.. i will not felt like this way..!

well,just wait and see... u are soooo dead! hehehe