10 December 2008

My First Tagged - by Azlin

1. When was the first time you met her?
- in St. Theresa school.. Form 4!

2. What do you feel?
- hmm?

3. What do you feel right now?
- Moody..

4. If your enemy do anything you hate, what will you do first?
-Catat isi penting nak tulis dlm blog..

5. Give 5 characters you have:
- Round coco eyes.. LoL
- Short (not too short haa)
- Nice teeth.. haha
- Long hair...
- Cute finggers...

6. If she broke your heart, what's your action?
- huhu... so hard to type it here..

7. What are the characters you like about her?
- she is just like me.. we are like a twins.

8. Who is the name of number 1?
- number 1?? how about 'satu'..

9. If your lover becomes your enemy, will you hate him?
- depends.. its not easy to hate someone that we love.. but i always just forgive everything.

10. The most memorable thing he has done to you?
- (^_^) ...

11. The sweetest thing he has ever said to you?
- (^_^) ...

12. Any thing you want to say to the person that always supports you?
- Thanks for ur supports.. Dont forget to Vote me.. type AIRA and send it to 9919.