16 April 2009
I've been told that...
There's a stalker have found my blog and one of my friend blog..
I dont know since when..but there is someone.. well it could be more than one...
Silence readers followed my blog anymously ... i've noticed that..

This is a short msg for you :

Please RESPECT my privacy..!

Otherwise, i'm going to switch my blog to private again..
only readers i've choose can visit my blog..

so i can stay away from all this f*ckers from annoying me...



princeshetaki said...

and who is that fucker?? do i know him?? let me know pliss.. plissss.. ihik :)

NIMI♥ Co. said...

silent reader??
i larr staler tu aira..

rizz said...

sian kat aira..sape kaco die tu..meh rizz tampo huu

a puppet without a string said...

baru hand tau..kena stalk..lol!!