01 April 2009

I'm So Touched

Oh my... oh my .. oh my...

Oh My Goddddd....! hahaha

I'm so touched!

ngeee.. i'm smiling the whole night okay! =P
He is so sweet, and make me feel so touched!

The first thing,
he said, he really can't accept if he heard my friend call me using bad words.. he even complained about it to his friend.. and he keep repeating his unsatisfied to me over and over again in front of his friend. Even I've explained to him that,
"We talked like that! We are friend.. and we always take what our friends said as jokes. I also act like that when I'm with them. okay..? "
but he keep saying..
"Whatever... i still cant accept it. If this kind of thing happen to you again, i will not keep quiet anymore.."

The second thing,
happened in a Restaurant..

Waitress : Nak minum aper?
Friend 1*: Milo ais
Him* : Teh O' Ais
Aira : Urmmm..
Him* : Teh O' Ais limau satu untuk dia..
Aira : Huhh??

After the waitress went away, i was kinda want to ask him.. why he odered for me?? or he just wanna show me he is a gentleman type of guy.. but.. arghh just forget it.. i am THINKING of to ask for Ice Lemon Tea!

Then, when we take a walk..
Him* : Do you know why i ordered Ice Lemon Tea for u just now?
Aira : That's what i'm thinking about.. why ar?
Him*: I always saw you drink Ice Lemon Tea.. u love Ice Lemon Tea right?? haha
Aira : a......?
Him*: I always keep looking at you whenever i saw u... u always drink the Seasons one.. Whether in can, or in the bottle! that's why i said Teh O' Ais Limau...
Aira : hahaha yes...... (omgggg.... how sweet! rilex.... keep it cool!)

i wanna write more.. there's a lot of things happened..
i'll update them later..
i've got assgments to complete right now..
just wanna express my feelings first!

again i repeat..
No Love huh... I just thought it sweet..! (^_^)



joegrimjow said...


akizaki said...

dont worry dear..
love comes itself...

||| PöJìé PööH ||| said...

alalala Aira..
ati sudah bbunge²..
apa lagi dtungu²??

Monkey D Luffy said...

jeles2... hukhuk ;p