24 April 2009

Once a upon a time.....

waiting for Creative Study class...
There are 3 bloggers sitting together in their campus plaza having their lunch....
They were talking about their blog , their entries , and what and why...

Fin JS : I deleted all the entries.. i'm so scared she would found my blog.
Prince Shetaki : Why you delete?? It's okay laa.. she wont found your blog..
Fin JS : The thing is i'm scared she would read everything and know i wrote about her!
Prince Shetaki : She wont know.. unless you put her name in your entry.
Fin JS : But people still can feel it thats about them..even you dont put their name it it.
Prince Shetaki : You know what, i got a friend, she's a girl and a blogger too.. she never scared what she wrote on her blog.. she just write what she wants too...even the person might read her blog
Princessity : *raised her eyebrow
Fin JS : Really?? who? she??
Prince Shetaki : ~ hahaha



rizz said...

hhahaah pndai kal! hahahak