13 July 2009

Afraid that this is the last one..

Hope everything will be okay.. even i really scared to face the truth..
i have to go by tomorrow morning..
to be in a big building, where there was a lot of people will take care of me..

i will just stay on bed, staring at the ceiling, looking through the window for the whole day...
waiting for my result that will affect my life.. wondering what stages i'm in..
i could be okay - i could be not
what i hope is, i'll be back to see my friends
tears droping from my eyes when i look at my friends pictures..
the pictures we had before... and also videos...
its the memories that will not fade...

i have a good life with peoples around me...
hanging out together...
having fun together...
i wish i could do it again..

I swear i cook for myself more, for people i love... and no more spicy food !
but if i could not make it.. i'm so sorry.

I'm really sorry..

A message to Prince Shetaki :

I hope, we can hang out together...
gossiping together..
that what i'm wishing for every seconds..
trying my best to get the waffle chocolate and ice cream... (^_^)
you are my best friend for ever...
and i'm happy to know you..
a lot of great thing we do together..
i'm just happy.. =)
forgive me for all my mistakes that i've done..

text me yea whenever u free..

forgive me to all my readers...
my stalkers.. or who ever...
i might saying something bad here... no hard feelings okay..

for whatever will happen, just move on.....
but please keep me inside..



joegrimjow said...

pergi mana?