11 May 2009

It's UN - - -

These days, i have a lot of assignments that i need to work on...
but i really can't pay may attention on my study...

Not because i dont want to study anymore,
but I am so fuckin' lazy!
Everytime i went to my classes, i'll automatically feel so sleepy.
even i sleep early the day before...
let say if my class in on Monday, I will start to sleep from Sunday..
but still "OVARRSLAPP!" (overslept). !

I keep on playing with my faceboook more than blogspot and myspace...
now i forgot that i do have friendster! hahaha..
i just approved people and deny unnecessary comments, and reply from comments from person that i know only... I'm not into flirting with people through this cyber world anymore.. X-specially, MySpace.. a lot of 3D of people sign up for MySpace.

What is 3D??
  • DUMB
Yes! i do mean it..
I'm not having MySpace to find friend! it just to interact with my friends that i know.
I'm sick of the way guys flirting on myspace. I'm so gonna delete them right away.
They really dont make the cuts! the most annoying site ever!

Yeah..? boringgg... i use it to interact with my very old friends and my ex-PLKNmates.

And say hello to me... enough with all my critics!
its already Monday!
i do mention that i have classes on Monday rite??

so bubby now!



joegrimjow said...

monday bluessss

-cari mood untuk study

rizz said...

kah3 aira.dumber ye..taw xpe kn ms tuh hehee