22 September 2009

No one can read me..

What's wrong with me..??

I get lonely in a crowd. Everyone is smiling but i make myself left out.
I've got an imaginary shield around me but nobody's ever really gotten through
I keep thinking they're gonna break me free but they never do.


When somebody's knocking. When somebody wants me.
When somebody's trying to love me completely....
I get scared.
Dont know how it works...
will someboy save me?? or will I get burned..?
I dont wanna get burned..
There's a thickness in the air weighing heavy on my heart.
Why can't I just fit in??
Why can't I do what everyone else does??
People come around like a storm when you least expect them to.
For me I run for cover when i should really face the truth...

that is who i am maybe...


joegrimjow said...

sumone want u badly
but u 'leave' that one badly too

happy bestday

farish H said...

hepi besday aira.slmt hr ry!