17 September 2008

My Very Best Fwen...

I have a best friend, my best friend is a boy not a girl, why he is not a girl??
because he is a boy. how do i know he is a boy?? i also dun know... his name is Khalid a.k.a Datuk K, Kal, Carl, and Agent Boy.. He also my brother.. my big big big brother... big arr?? yes very big... ngeee.. His face exactly like Nubhan ( a bit larr) huhu.. my fav. singer.. huhu My very first person i met in LUCT, on the first day in campus... He help me a lot.. as like i said he is my friend.. giving me good advices... comfort me whenever i'm sad... trustworthy, friendly, crazy, funny, happening and mind blowing... whatever happen...we remain frens 4 eva... ngeee waaa... now i want to cry already... stop2!! hish..
Things i owed him :-
2 of Nasi Lemak
1 of Wings Ice Cream