21 September 2008

My Fuck-up 18th Birthday..!

Ganas ek titlenya?? hmm.. yea...
today is my birthday... and i really dont feel like 'Yay! it's my birthday..!! I'm 18 now.. yippee..!"
na'ah.... NOT AT ALL... This is the worst birthday of all.. and i never felt like this b4...
I'm NOT happy.. seriously... i'm crying in the middle of the night.. without knowing why..
"i'm crying for what?!"

i am so lonely... i've celebrated my birthday all alone, in my room, walking around in the living room, and having my 'sahur' with my Kak J.lo and Kak Ain at McD.. I dont sleep at all... my friends does wish me Happy Birthday..Good luck and what so ever...
i appreciated it very much.. the saddest thing is, My parents forgot about my birthday... till i must remind them at 1pm, sending them a text msg "No one seems to remember what is the day is, including my parents..!" then, after a few hours, my mum call me wishing me happy birthday, and my dad just reply my sms.. that's all.. yea.. i'm their first child, how could this happened?? if i dont text them, maybe, they wont remember at all... nvm.. i dont want to talk about this anymore.. its really make me sad...

I went to Masjid Jamek today with my kakak2.. convoi 2 kereta, dgn Kak Kelly... and si Eman (ayam.) naik kereta ber2 dgn aku.. wah bapak bising!!,

i bought a Kebaya.. and it was really nice, huhu.. really expensive.. i have my car washed, only for RM5.. wow.. berkilat oo... huhu..kesian kat uncle india tu.. that's why i just agree he wash my car.. i'm so satisfied! Sampin for my lil' brother..duhh.. bleh pakai ker tak.. hmm.. then kitorang berbuka kat Taman Warisan.... sesat banyak kali kot.. my petrol lost 2 bars!! hishh..

Si Eman ckp kat i "Hari Birthday ko sial dowh, hari ni, letrik tadak kat desaria sampai satu hari, panas terik, then tiba2 hujan, then ada llaki tah pa per nak brkenaln then mintak numb ko kat sogo, baju saiz habis.. then, sesat bnyak kali plak tuh kat putrajaya..! ahhaha bapak lawak.."
urgghh.. whatever.. i agree ! agak menyakitkan hati weyh !!

Got exam sumore... duhh... waa.. really make me depressed right now...