16 August 2009

Believe me, I dont want to know..

ya la kan... do you guys know how i feel??
its like I want to stab you soooo many times! lol
I'm NOT that cruel.. looks like i can deal with problems right?
HAHAHA i'm not! i can't deal with most of my problems...
i dont beg people, mostly, i dont!
is that the reason why people keep saying i'm snobbish kind of person?
believe me, I dont want to know...

I dont really care.. i prefer to move on not to think about it every time...
I will not mad to people for a long time..
sometimes, its only takes hours for me to cool down!
But people who knows me, they know,
when i get mad, its only for a while and i'll be fine...
when it's turn to hate, forever and ever i will hate that person.. ( W for example )
The popular among the most popular sentences is
'Everybody in this world are not perfect' we are special in different ways..
"yea i know!"... seriously, even u said that u know human being are not perfect..
u guys still talking bad about the person behind their back!
keep talking and talking.. talking.. talking but did you ever notice that U and the Victims, GOT THE SAME BRAIN AS YOU! so called 'BFF' mostly..
believe me, i dont want to know...

Sometimes, i talk to people using high notes accidentally, i always like that even when i'm joking.. people think i'm being so rude.. seriously, i really dont mean it..
if i dont want to talk with you, I WILL NOT TALK to you from the start..
"omg that harsh! really harshhh!"
oh, I'm sorry, it was a joke.. Not funny!
believe me, i dont want to know...

I was thinking about the word of 'Ludah, jilat balik' hows it work??
believe me, i dont want to know...

One day, i was expecting something good to happen... but i only got the worse thing..
its feel like, i saw a shooting star, then i close my eyes to make a wish.. without thinking that the meteor would hit me in a few seconds! how come??
believe me, i dont want to know...

People get pain easily?? is it? how far the truth is? its base on every individual..
My advice is please dont swallow the pain killer to much! You'll die... i swear! please dont die tragically.. just let the H1N1 virus do their job.. that is why they exist right now! Our teory says, "good people always gone from this world at the young age".. So dont worry if you think that you already act very good enough in this world.. good people die first, and left the evil people to live.. How to know??
believe me, i dont want to kow...

I just have a very good chat with Fin and Keshen at the roof top restaurant! talking about UFO's and Animals thing..damn funny! i really have a very good time today.. It makes me forget about my problems for a while. End with "Frog(s) lover story"
believe me, u guys dont want to know...

I maybe wrote some crap's in this post..
it is just useful for you to figure about it...

tell me about it..



joegrimjow said...

slamat berpuasa ya