29 October 2008

Why must we fight with ourselves????

dah la kelmarin accident..! hari ni accident dgn group sendiri (presentation)...
i ngan Kal tak sempat present aper pun... just read on the screen... no chance to brief anything...

this is the worst presentation ever...! kitorang tak buat satu huruf pun in the slideshow... everything our most clever2 girl in our class do ity everyyyyythinggg... yes! both of us tak buat apa pun.... rilex kan kitorang..?? presentation org yg buat..

F* word OK! we dont have any discussion with any of our group members.. tahu2 jer dah siap..! entah satu "haprak" tajuk aper yg nak buat pun tak tahu..this is not fair.. diorang pentingkan diri sendiri... no work as one group.. evryone of them nak show they are the best.. we r the losers... but they dont know our reputation in presentation.. we owned the creativity in presenting since last semester..

Paling tak tahan... bila i present with my own word.. Diorang bleh bangkangg!! with the word "NO, It's not like that!" why must they disagree?? hello we are in the same group! group support is important.. whatever i said, u should agree no matter what... even if my opinion is wrong! kalau lecturer tanya why?? i la yg akan jawab, i said something for a reason... so its my responsible...!

and u girls just wait and see the real Aira and Kal Production is otw.... lalalala
see u b***hes in Management Presentation!