04 August 2008

First Day in 2nd Semester...

My first class for second semester start today.. Design studies subject! we will learn how to use Photoshop CS, Illustrator, and also photo shooting in this module... it's all sound like fun rite? (^_^) naahh.... its really really hard... we dont have to do any group assgment and thats was so make me happy.. (i hate it duhh!).. can u imagine, on the first day, we already got an assigment to do! (*_*)
we need to make T-shirt logo using 4 colors they given only... huh...

i am so depressed rite now...waaa...

because just now when i arrived infront of my house door, i realized that i lefted my house and room keys inside the room! and on the same time.. my high heels broke!! (T_T) waa.. its really make me crazy! i need to pay 10 ringgit to the management to open the door..! f*ck daa... i wont! i just wait and wait and wait and knocked the door, but no answer from any of my housemate.. they're all still at the campus... Damn!

suddenly i've got an idea.. "melintas melalui balcony" hahaha.. its sound crazy.. but not really.. its only 2nd floor.. hehe.. i knocked my neighbour house, and thank god.. she was very nice and let me go through her house balcony... hehe it was lucky i didnt lock the slidding door.. and i have my room spare keys in the kitchen! i've my shower and relief now...

However.. today is my bad luck.. this evening i'm going to Tesco.... yippee!
(pergi Tesco pun seronok ek?? f*ck daa) k. k.